Kids at Salon Tao:
The 10 Commandments!


1. our lovely receptionsists are not your babysitters.

2. do not touch anything that is not yours (products, stylist stations, glasses, cups, pictures, etc.)

3. please respect clients who are here to relax; indoor voices are greatly appreciated.

4. salon tao is not a jungle gym -- stylists' chairs are expensive; if your kids play with or on them, it's $500 per ride.

5. kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times; if not we will sell them to the circus!

6. toxic chemicals and sharp tools are a hazard to your children's health.

7. the water dispenser is not a fountain; it is for our thristy clients only.

8. playing with, and on, shampoo bowls is prohibited; they are not toys.

9. our floors are not an ice rink or roller rink (no Heeleys please).

10. Please respect the rules and our salon.